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rough runner

  Fancy an obstacle or two?  How about an incredible experience   at Rough Runner, we have places at the following events:                                                                             
 Scotland Aug 18th 5k            Aug 19th 5k
 Scotland Aug 18th 10k           Aug 19th 10k 
 Scotland Aug 18th 15k           Aug 19th 15k
 London Sept 8th 5k                Sept 9th 5k
                                                            London Sept 8th 10k              Sept 9th 10k
                                                             South West Oct 13th 5k         Oct 14th 5k
                                                             South West Oct 13th 10k       Oct 14th 10k
                                                             South West Oct 13th 15k       Oct 14th 15k

 Rough Runner is an obstacle course challenge, combining distance running with a variety of obstacles  along the way, each inspired by game shows such as Total Wipeout, Takeshi’s Castle, Gladiators, and Fun House. Expect sweeper arms, giant pigeon battles, big balls and The Travelator!
Register for this amazing experience at least 3 weeks before your event!
Minimum Target: £350 and £40 registration

EAI_SRUK_011017_PR_10201_preview Want a bigger challenge to push yourself?
 How about Spartan events?  Prepare for a barrage of short climbs,   alongside the traditional crawls, climbs and carries that make   Spartan Race such a unique obstacle race.
 There are three types of events: 
 The Reebok Spartan Sprint puts endurance aside and tests your   quickness through 5km+ loaded with 20+ obstacles. A great starter   distance for beginners, or a perfect test against time for the more advanced racer.

 The Reebok Spartan Super is as much mental as it is physical, spanning over 13km+ that are just as unforgiving as the 25+ obstacles that litter the distance.
The Reebok Spartan Beast is the longest and most difficult race out of our three main race types and is aptly named for its brutal 20km+ circuit with more than 30 obstacles that try to keep you from your finish line. You can take part in the following events:

Spartan Beast, Scotland, Sept.15th
Spartan Super, Scotland, Sept.16th
Spartan Sprint, Scotland, Sept.16th

Please register at least 3 weeks before your event date
Minimum Target: £400. Registration: Sprint £46, Super £54, Beast £72

IMG_0393_preview Teamwork is Dreamwork! Why not get some friends together and   do the Gauntlet Games as a team! Run 5k or 10k, taking on a series of inflatable, water and climbing obstacles, with real  Gladiators!
 Swing on the rope swing onto the giant air bag to the finish line! 
  Cardiff 5K July 21st
Cardiff 10K July 21st
                                                                                                                                                                                                Manchester 5k Sept.15th
                                                              Manchester 10K Sept.15th                                                             
 Register at least 3 weeks before your event.  
 Target: £350 and £34-£38 registration

23165621863_531d706015_o_preview Don't wear your best clothes! Getting muddy is a real badge of honour at the exhilarating Mudnificant events!
Get your place now:

 11th Aug, Warwickshire

 Register by 20th July
 Minimum Target: £400, Registration: £35


dog jog Don't want to leave your gorgeous doggie at home? Bring them   along and do the fun and easy to handle Dog Jogs! We have many     across the UK throughout the summer that you can take part in:

     Glasgow 28th July
     Edinburgh 29th July

     Leeds 4th Aug
     Nottingham 5th Aug
                                                           Liverpool 11th Aug
                                                           Sheffield 12th Aug
                                                           Derby 18th Aug
                                                          Manchester 19th Aug
                                                                Birmingham 8th Sept                                                                                                                                                   Coventry 9th Sept       
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Minimum Target: £200 and £17 registration, please register 3 weeks before your event

zombie evacuation  Fancy being chased by Zombies?
Terrifying new discoveries have been found in the  woods in the  London area, a new breed of undead has  arisen like never seen before and are descending on the capital. Only the Fittest will Survive!
 The Zombie Evacuation Race is a 5k fun run designed  to give you a one-off experience you will never forget.  Well-known landmarks are turned them into zombie   infested lands that if you did not know better, could be    mistaken for real life zombie infestations.

All runners or “evacuees” start with 3 lifebelts and your aim is to prevent those merciless zombies from hypothetically biting you 3 times and transforming you into one of their own! When you reach the safe zone at the end of the course you will be recognised as either a survivor (with at least one life belt) or infected (no lifebelts).
Survivors receive the coveted survivors medal and the infected receive their infected medal and our taken to the neutralisation zone to be terminated!   
Come along and enjoy the fun at Zombie Evacuation  - East Anglia 16th Sept.

Minimum Target: £350, and £35 registration. Register by 27th August 2018.

21415499481_6cb14417fc_o_preview West London shows off its best scenic beauty with the Run 10k event in beautiful Richmond Park.

 Richmond Park - 16th Sept.

Minimum Target: £350, and £40 registration. Register by 27th Aug 

Bournemouth marathon Come and enjoy the Bournemouth  Half Marathon Festival,7th October

Magnificant sea views, breathtaking coastal routes and the very best of Bournemouth and Poole is on show

Minimum Target: £500 and £95 registration, please register by Sept 17th 2018

ATCSAM17 - PLEASE CREDIT Richard Brunsveld_previewA

 A stunning event in a stunning city - live your life goals by taking part in the Amsterdam Marathon, 21st October 

Amsterdam is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, and the TCS Amsterdam Marathon allows runners to take in all of the major sights on a flat, fast and scenic course.

Minimum Target: £750 and £75 registration, please register by 26th August


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