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We know cancer takes its toll not just physically, but emotionally too.

Despite a number of contributors providing prevention, diagnostics, treatment and support throughout the cancer journey, 78% of cancer patients still report having unmet emotional needs. Cancer Coach telephone support groups offer a regular, structured programme for groups of up to six people, to talk through all aspects of living life with cancer. They are led by someone who really knows what it is like to have cancer; they have been there too.


  • Groups are free and confidential
  • Groups are open to people with all types of cancer
  • Groups are open to people across the UK
  • Telephone Support Groups are available for as long as it takes
  • Our Telephone Support Group programme has been designed by a range of health and social care experts, and people who have experienced cancer
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How the groups work

Telephone Support Groups offer an initial six week support programme for up to six people living with cancer. You will be with the same people each week, so you will get to know your fellow group members as you share your experiences. For some people, this six week programme is enough to give them the extra confidence they need to manage life with cancer, whilst some may want this service for longer. Our Telephone Support Groups are available for as long as it takes.

The Telephone Support Groups use coaching interventions and focus on all aspects of a person’s life, to help them better navigate through the difficult journey of cancer. Groups are led by individuals who have been through cancer themselves, using their personal and unique insights to offer encouragement and support to others.

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Tell us what you think so we can always improve.

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